Around Sri Lanka in 14 days – West & Northwest Sri Lanka

This post is part of the series “Around Sri Lanka in 14 days”. Below are the links to my other posts about Sri Lanka. 


After our breakfast we took a city tour through the 4th largest city in Sri Lanka, Negombo.

Negombo is a city ,40km north from Colombo, at the west coast. The harbor of Negombo with its centuries-old fishing industry is of great importance. Along the beaches you can find busy fish markets. The lagoon of Negombo is fed by small rivers and the Dutch canal and is linked to the Indian Ocean by a channel to the north.

The fisherman live in abject poverty in villages along the water’s edge. They rely mainly on their traditional knowledge. In the lagoon, crabs, shrimps, lobsters, cuttlefish and other native species can be fished.

Once arrived, a local fisherman, seemingly coming out of nowhere, starts to explain us in detail the different fish species and how long the fish will stay there to dry.

Afterwards we head out to the local fish market. The market is square shaped. The place is rather smelly but beautiful to see. Some of these fish have been brought in fresh by local fishermen and some have been bought wholesale from a larger commercial market this morning and brought here to be sold retail. The local fisherman keeps talking about the different sorts of fish and how to catch them. The vendors are proud and pose for my photos.



After this amazing experience, we stepped on a local catamaran on the lake of Polonnaruwa for a very relaxing ride. On the quiet water we were surrounded by birds and water lilies. The lilies are used to make lunch boxes or to serve rice and curry dishes. Our boatman was silent, but when we asked something we was very helpful to give us some information in deficient english. He surprised us with a necklace for my mom and me and a hat for my brother made out of a lily.

On the lake we had a view on the lion rock of Sigiriya, which is an account rock fortress located near the town of Dambulla.

If you want to read more about our adventure through Sri Lanka, then you definitely have to read my other posts about this amazing adventure! AND… I made my first travel video. Watch it on YouTube!!! Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments what you think of it!



The pear shaped diamond 


Ancient Cities: soon online

Kandy and the Highlands: soon online

The South: soon online


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