DIY: Fix your broken powder makeup in !only! 3 steps

Sadly, after traveling my powder highlight broke into pieces. I bought the highlighter at H&M about two years ago, so I would only lose some euros. I really loved the champagne rose colour and I am not sure if H&M still sells this one. So why not fixing it by myself instead of throwing it away like you flush a dead goldfish trough the toilet. This is how I did it…

(pictures below)

Step 1: Smash it! 

I know it is heartbreaking to destroy it even more if you are fixing an expensive high end make up product. But remember.. we are doing this for its own good. I used some transparent foil to prevent a shimmering mess all over the place. Believe me, it stays a mess, but let’s move on with this surgery… The end result should be 100% lose powder.

Step 2: Cheers! 

Add some rubbing alcohol (not your favorite cocktail) to the powder and mix.  If the mixture is still to dry, add some more drops till you have a paste.

Step 3: Wait 

When your powder is all smooth again, just let it dry till the rubbing alcohol is evaporated. And tadaaaa! Your product is whole and complete again, just like new!

Are you as exited as me about this money saving hack? Let me know in the comments if this project has worked for you (I am sure it will).




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