Around Sri Lanka in 14 days – The pear shaped diamond

This post is part of the serie “Around Sri Lanka in 14 days”. Below are the links to my other posts about Sri Lanka. 

Despite I call myself a traveler, sadly I had never flown a long distance flight. It has always been my dream to travel somewhere far away when graduated. And let it be that this year the moment has arrived. In December I am graduated in the Bachelor Tourism and Leisure Management. I asked my family if they wanted to travel with me as it was a long time ago that we have been on a holiday together. Let the adventure begin!

We decided to travel to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, is a republic and an island located in the Indian Ocean, south of India.

The administrative capital is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, a suburb of the largest city and the commercial capital, Colombo. The official languages are Sinhalese, Tamil and English. The religions are Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Sri Lanka is 65,610 km2 big. The thirty-year during civil war has ended recently in 2009, when the Sri Lankan military defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a Tamil militant organization based in northeastern Sri Lanka. Therefore we did not travel to the North.

We booked through the online travel agency  Travelbird. The roundtrip gave us the possibility to discover the most beautiful highlights of Sri Lanka during 14 days with an english-speaking guide.

If you want to read more about our adventure through Sri Lanka, then you definitely have to read my other posts about this amazing adventure! AND… I made my first travel video. Watch it on YouTube!!! Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments what you think of it!




West & Northwest Sri Lanka

Ancient Cities

Kandy and the Highlands

The South: soon online


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