10 Tips to travel light and compact

We all know the struggle… your bed is full with clothes. You are packing for your next holiday and you realize that you have to embrace the chaos of traveling. Suddenly you have the idea that you have to take that one t-shirt that you actually never wear, 3 pairs of jeans because you never know, that dress that you’ve never worn before (the price tag as proof), and off course one outfit for everyday because imagine that a stranger would notice that you are wearing an outfit twice during your trip.. shame on you

Happy and satisfied because you were able to close your luggage, you are heading to the airport. Your smile disappears when you hear the following sentence: “your luggage is overweight”. As a former check-in agent this was the most challenging part as no one wants to pay the extra costs for it or leave something behind… but sadly the rules are the rules.

Following tips might help you to avoid this painful moment at the check-in desk:

1. Choose the right luggage

Choosing the right luggage is maybe the easiest way to travel lighter. It is a fact that when you travel with hand luggage, you will take less with you. You will be surprised how much can fit into a small suitcase. Also, hand luggage is surprisingly big enough for 10 days.

2. Roll it up


Do not fold your clothes but roll them up! It sounds weird but rolling up your clothes saves sooooo much space! Today I was stuffing my backpack for 14 days full with clothes and I never thought that I would be able to succeed this challenge. I tried this technique and I can tell you that it works.. hurray!

3. Puzzle 

Look at putting your clothes into your luggage as one big tetris game and it will be more fun than you think. Put your socks inside your shoes, put the soles of your shoes against the walls of your suitcase, layer those rolls of clothes,… are some ideas to win this game.Side note:mind that you need to leave some space if you are planning to buy some lovely souvenirs at your destination.

4. Mix and match

Take clothes with you that have the same color pattern. This makes it way easier to mix and match your different outfits. Take shirts that you can wear with a dress AND with trousers. Be creative! If you are afraid that you aren’t fashionable enough with the basics that you are taking with you, spice it up with some smart chosen accessories and/or make up.

5. Use packing cubes and bags 


Packing cubes and bags are an easy way to keep your luggage organized. They also help to keep everything compact. Just sort everything and put them into the different colors. Then you only have to take the right color out of your luggage without making a whole mess and having all your clothes over the floor, and it is time saving!

6. Wear it

Wear the clothes at the airport that take the most space of your luggage. Wear layers, take that jacket with you and wear those jeans. The airplane is cold anyway and you save space. Double advantage!

7. 100 ml

Many hotels provide small beauty products for free. However, if you can not live without your beauty routine, use small containers for liquids and cremes. Not only when traveling with hand luggage but also when traveling with a suitcase. Remember that beauty products are heavy! Look if your favourite products have travel sized versions.Most airlines permit 10x 100 ml into your hand luggage. No need to bring your whole perfume bottle, you can transfer your fragrance into a smaller spray like this.


8. The “trilogy travel law”

Have you already heard of the “Trilogy travel law”? No? Well, let me explain you. When you travel with as little as possible clothes, you have to except that you will have to wash some items. Or you use the wash service that your hotel provides, or you go to the local laundromat OR you do it yourself. Then the “Trilogy travel law” enters the story. This law includes 3 pieces of each clothing item. 1 to wash, 1 to wear and 1 to let dry. It is as simple as that. Side note: remember to wash your clothes with eco friendly products as we all love our planet, isn’t it?

9. Microfiber towels 

If you prefer to take your own towels with you, buy some microfiber towels. This fabric dries the body quickly, even if you use a small towel. Another advantage of these towels is that they dry quickly and they take a fraction of the space in your luggage compared to a regular towel made of terrycloth. You can buy them here.

Rolls of colorful microfiber towels on a table against white background

10. Think about your shoes

Shoes can be a heavy item in your luggage. Therefore, wear your most heavy shoes when traveling by plane. If your destination is at the beach, some flip flops and/or espadrilles should work. If your travel motive is business related, pack a pair of dress shoes which also match a more casual outfit.

I hope that these tips have helped you along the way. Do you have some more tips? Leave them behind in the comments! Good luck with the packing battle and enjoy your trip!



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